November’s Top 10 ruled by heartbreak with songs from Taylor Swift, Adele and Olivia Rodrigo

Well, well, well. How did we get here, folks? We’re finding it hard to believe, but according to our calendars, it really is December, 2021’s final act. Christmas is already all around us, including here at Chordify HQ. But hold your horses — or your reindeers? Before you activate Maximum Christmas Mode, we invite you to sit back with a cup of mulled wine and take a look back at November and the songs that ruled it. 

Adele fights for her life while Taylor swifts right in

Adele defends her top position with “Easy On Me”. The piano ballad successfully sets the mood for the rest of November’s mostly sombre ensemble. Go eeeeeaaaaasy ooooon….those piano keys when you play along with this sad banger. 

Elsewhere, Taylor Swift scores a double entry with two songs from the re-released version of her album Red. “Nothin’ New”, a Joni Mitchell-esque folk ballad about millennial anxieties, will have you taking a break from your jam session to reach for that tissue box. 

Then there’s the 10 minute version of “All Too Well”. As the title suggests, it’s an extended version of a previously released song. The heartbreak is so excruciatingly detailed, it’s almost hard to listen to. But have fun playing along with this masterpiece, if you can see the chords through your tears! 

Tears of sorrow, tears of joy, and even more tears just for fun

The sadness continues with Olivia Rodrigo’s “Traitor.” The 18-year-old has consistently been in this year’s top lists, with several hits from her debut album. Until now, it was either “Drivers License” or “Good 4 U”, but now this break-up ballad has entered chat.

“Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd lightens the mood, alongside Dua Lipa and Elton John with their disco spectacle “Cold Heart.” So really, there’s something in November’s Top 10 for everyone. Look forward to the end of this month, when we’re releasing the Top 10 of 2021! Until then, Happy Jamming! 

Top 10 November full list

  1. Adele – Easy On Me
  2. Gayle – ABCDEFU
  3. Taylor Swift – All Too Well (10 Minute Version)
  4. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow
  5. Passenger – Let Her Go
  6. Olivia Rodrigo – Traitor
  7. Coldplay & BTS – My Universe
  8. Elton John & Dua Lipa – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)
  9. The Weeknd – Save Your Tears
  10. Taylor Swift – Nothin’ New
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